The Gabric Diabetes Education Association

The Gabric Diabetes Education Association (GDEA) is an Iranian NGO founded in 2006 by a young diabetic entrepreneur and key endocrinologists, with the support of benefactors, dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes.

Gabric is the name of a river and a protected area located in the central part of Bandar Jask city, Hormozgan province.

Our vision is to build a future where diabetes is not a threat or worry for anyone, but an opportunity to move towards health and self-fulfillment.

For this we make it our mission to:

  1. Providing diabetes self-care counselling and education for people with diabetes
  2. Support and charitable services for people with diabetes in need
  3. Public information and diabetes prevention education
  4. Health care professionals Education in the field of diabetes management
  5. advocating for people with diabetes

For reading more about our activities please read following documents:

Gabric Introduction Catalogue

Summary of the Performance Report – 2022/23

Gabric Annual Report - 2022-2023

Gabric Diabetes School

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSME/S) is critical for people with diabetes to successfully self-manage their disease; however, its utilization is too low. In response to this, the GABRIC Diabetes Education Association has been developed as a school for diabetics, which has a comprehensive DSME/S program for people with diabetes with distinct courses for different target groups, such as people with type 1, type 2, prediabetes or expected mothers with gestational diabetes.

In addition, GABRIC has developed a database registry with more than 100,000 members throughout the country, of whom 95% are diabetic with a proportion of 82% Type 2 diabetes and 13% Type 1 diabetes. The success of the GABRIC school model results is yet to be investigated through study trials and offers a fruitful line of research.

To read more about the Gabric method of diabetes education please read the published article in this link or download it from here.

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Your support will go far...

Your support will go far... Our lifesaving work will triple your help impact through research, advocacy, and education programs.